Czech us out as we reel around our orange cart in the Mission District of San Francisco! Don't let the ceramic dildos, clown bear doll from your nightmares, or cucumbers dressed as noble scholars intimidate you! All of our items are handmade by us, we also welcome custom orders. Items include jewelry, woven accessories, even ceramic housewares. Pure madness meets creation!

Making a stop for a treat at Hot Cookie…


When I walk in, I’m like:

When I walk out, I’m like:

hit that GT-spot

February 11th and 12th around Valencia between 16th-20th st. Be there, cause we will we will ROCK YOU!


It has been pointed out that we should include further contact information, so here goes nothing:

Facebook: Gypsy Tofu


Sarra Sin



Facebook: nis arras

Amanda Jagerman



Facebook: Amanda Naomi Jagerman

Hey Tofu-heads!

We plan on having another sale the minute Sarra gets back from vacation on January 14th and 15th. We will be along Valencia street, probably roaming around between 16th through 18th so look for us! If you’re broke like us, come kick it.

It has begun.

Christy prepares for a day with the girls.

Amanda working hard…or hardly working??

The shop!

Christy helps model the product.

Gypsy Tofu had our first sale yesterday along Valencia Street. The weather was crummy, but spirits were still high. We had a grand ol’ time sitting on milk crates while belting out to tunes from the beloved 90’s.

Gypsy Tofu plan on making monthly appearances around the Mission District, so look for the orange cart! If you can’t see us, just listen for the screeching voices. That would be our singing. Posts will be made prior to a sale date, so favorite this page to find out when and where Gypsy Tofu will be!